Combi Roller Shades

Welcome to Your Space of Perfect Light and Privacy

Why Choose Combi Roller Shades?
Combi Roller Shades are a contemporary window covering solution that combines the elegance of sheer curtains with the functionality of traditional roller shades. Dual Fabric Layers: Experience the perfect light filtration and privacy control with the unique dual fabric layers of our Combi Roller Shades. Versatile Light Control: Easily adjust the shades to transition between sheer and privacy options, catering to your mood and the time of day. Sleek Design: The minimalist design and a variety of color options ensure a stylish addition to any room decor. Ease of Operation: Operating our Combi Roller Shades is a breeze with options for both manual and motorized controls.

Your Gateway to Sophisticated Light Control

Our Combi Roller Shades represent the epitome of modern-day window treatment solutions. They are crafted with a unique dual fabric system, allowing a seamless transition between sheer elegance and optimum privacy. With a simple adjustment, control the ambiance of your space to match your mood and the time of day


  • Light Filtering Roller Shades
  • Black Out Roller Shades
  • Motorization Options
  • Measurement and Installation
  • Large Material Selection
  • Upholstered Cornices