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Your office space matters. Not only do foyers and conference rooms set the tone for your clients, but internal spaces where only employees spend their time can also greatly contribute to retention and satisfaction. Worn-down office furniture sets and cold, corporate aesthetics can make employees and clients feel just as worn-down and cold.

Our custom upholstery and redesign services invigorate a space, firing up creativity and encouraging a genial atmosphere. With our history working with top brands on the strip, we know exactly how to create an amazing first impression for your investors, clients, and partners.

  • Reception and Lobby Seating
  • Tables, Chairs and Desks
  • Executive Suites
  • Upholstered Walls and Décor
  • Conference Rooms
  • First Impressions: Reception and Waiting Room Furniture

    An office’s reception area is the first point of contact for visitors, potential clients, and prospective employees. As such, it plays a significant role in shaping their first impression of the company. Comfortable, aesthetically pleasing reception and waiting room furniture, especially when professionally reupholstered, can enhance a company’s image and leave a lasting positive impression. A stylish and inviting reception area is not just welcoming but also a testament to a company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality.

    office sectional
  • The Power of High-End Office Furniture

    High-end office furniture is about more than just appearances. It communicates a company’s values, aspirations, and attention to detail. A well-designed, luxurious executive office or meeting room equipped with high-end, reupholstered furniture can leave a lasting impression on visitors, whether they’re potential clients, partners, or hires. The power of high-end office furniture to elevate a company’s image and attract more business cannot be underestimated.

  • The Importance of Lounge Furniture

    Creating a relaxing and communal atmosphere within an office environment is crucial. The lounge area is often the heart of an office, a place where employees can relax, communicate and exchange ideas. Quality lounge furniture can significantly improve employee morale and promote open communication. Lounge areas, especially those furnished with tastefully reupholstered chairs and sofas, set the tone for the rest of the office, conveying a message of comfort and collaboration.

    Lounge Area

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We’re known for our trademark Reupholstery services. We offer meticulous, long-lasting work that will dazzle and delight, whether you need to change the fabric of a couch or touch up the booths at your restaurant.
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Roller Shades

Combi roller shades
Our Combi Roller Shades are perfect for both residential and commercial applications, we have got you covered. The shades offer a sleek and modern solution for managing sunlight and creating privacy while adding an element of sophistication to any room or office space.
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Custom Furniture

We craft one-of-a-kind furniture to fit tricky spaces and unique design aesthetics. From plush circular benches to elongated chaises, we design, manufacture, and install custom furniture pieces that finish your look with a unique touch.
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