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We’re known for our trademark Reupholstery services. We offer meticulous, long-lasting work that will dazzle and delight, whether you need to change the fabric of a couch or touch up the booths at your restaurant.
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Roller Shades

Combi roller shades
Our Combi Roller Shades are perfect for both residential and commercial applications, we have got you covered. The shades offer a sleek and modern solution for managing sunlight and creating privacy while adding an element of sophistication to any room or office space.
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Custom Furniture

We craft one-of-a-kind furniture to fit tricky spaces and unique design aesthetics. From plush circular benches to elongated chaises, we design, manufacture, and install custom furniture pieces that finish your look with a unique touch.
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Over 35 Years of Upholstery

Fabric runs in our family.
Redesign Upholstery was originally founded as Mendoza Upholstery in 1982. Since then, we’ve provided supreme craftsmanship to residential customers and worldwide brands alike, with the personalized care you’d expect from an established family business.
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Luxurious Leathers, Upholstery Fabrics, Dazzling Drapes.

Options limited only by your imagination.

Utilizing the finest fabrics, we expertly craft your new upholstery or drapery design to create a perfect feeling. Our large selection of fabrics will allow us to recreate any era or style. We specialize in helping clients finding the right colors for each project.

Las Vegas is Our Showroom.

Our design work and creativity furnishing top hotels and restaurants along the strip.
Our process

Leave the Lifting to Us.

We do everything it takes to ensure that you have an easy, smooth experience that culminates in a gorgeous new look for your room. From pickup to delivery, we are committed to clear communication, meticulous planning, and white glove care every time we handle your furniture.

  • Step one:

    Consultation and Estimate

    We gather all the details of the project and prepare a formal estimate for you to review.

  • Step two:

    Approval and Transformation

    Once the scope of work is approved, we coordinate the logistics and begun working on your project.

  • Step three:

    Quality Check and Delivery

    We perform a five point quality control inspection and schedule a delivery date.

How does it work?

What Clients Are Saying.

  • Love these guys. Very professional and friendly. They have been very patient with me. It took me several weeks for me to decide on the different fabrics I wanted to use.
    They offer to pick up and deliver which is really cool. There is a week or two turn around so they are pretty busy but their prices are really good. After checking and comparing a few others, I decided on these guys, not only on price but they didn’t up charge me for bring my own fabric. One quote I got from another company wanted to increase the quote by 20% for labor if I didn’t order the fabric through them. Why???

    Christina F.
    Christina F. | Yelp
  • We brought them a very weathered executive chair, and they literally made it look brand new.  Very friendly and approachable staff, fair prices, and they have every fabric and color you can think of.  Staff is knowledgeable and had the chair finished ahead of schedule.  Highly recommend them!

    Toby H
    Toby H. | Yelp
  • Fantastic Upholstery Customer Service and Workmanship!  Super professional and easy to work with.
    They are very responsive to text and email communications.

    Would definitely recommend them and am now looking at my other furniture thinking what needs a “refresh”. 🙂

    Lots of fabric choices! You should have an idea of what you are looking for BEFORE you go to their shop because they have so many choices you can easily be overwhelmed.

    How it works…

    Contact them with what you need to reupholster.
    Send them pictures, item description, size, dimensions, etc…
    Pick a fabric.
    They send you a quote.
    (I opted to include pick-up and delivery services.)
    You pay 50% down to get started.  (Note, they charge a service fee for credit cards. So, on my lunch break I ran over to the office and dropped off a check. No biggee.)

    They order the fabric which takes a couple weeks.
    When the fabric is delivered, the upholstery customer service will contact you to schedule a pick-up date/time.
    They do all the heavy lifting.  (Thank goodness.)
    The reupholster work takes about 2 weeks and then they contact you when it’s done to schedule a delivery.
    Again doing all the heavy lifting.
    Pay the balance upon delivery.

    Again, super easy process!

    I’m not going to lie and say this was cheap.  Nope… it was not. But it was less expensive than the new sofa options I was looking at…. and faster than waiting for a new sofa.  Plus, I am happy that I was able to “up-cycle” a piece rather than simply throw it out and get a new one.

    Oh…. And the price depends on the type of fabric you pick and the size, quality of your piece.  I got lucky and my couch was in really good shape so they didn’t call me to say repair work would be needed. (This is crazy because it’s been thru 2 moves and is 16 years old!) But if additional repair work was needed, they would call you to let you know, and then you can decide from there.

    Best Upholstery Customer Service |Upholstery Testimonial|

    Alia G | Upholstery Customer Service Feedback
    Alia G. | Yelp
  • So a dog chewed a hole in my sofa which gave me a great reason to have it reupholstered in blue velvet…Redesign Upholstery to the rescue.  The couch turned out absolutely gorgeous.  I paid the extra fee for pick up and delivery which was well worth it.  They have a design studio full of fabrics to choose from if you’re not sure what you want.  Ellie’s communication was exceptional throughout the process.

    Linea W. 1
    Linea W. | Yelp
  • Do not look anywhere else! This is the place to go for all your upholstery needs! I had to have the arm of my sofa reupholstered and I found Redesign on yelp. Read the reviews and decided to give it a try. They picked up the sofa, I visited their shop to choose the fabric, and we were good to go.  They had a variety of different fabrics and we found the perfect one to match my leather sofa. . The quality was amazing. They literally went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. They’ve made one satisfied customer out of me and I will definitely be telling all of my friends and family who may be needing their services. Thank you Mario and your Team!

    Anna G.
    Anna G. | Yelp
  • I’d give them 6 stars if I could. Efficient. Affordable. Reliable. I had some cushions reupholstered for my Chiropractic table. They were friendly and helpful and did everything they said without a single issue. I will use them time and time again and would and will recommend them to anyone needing this type of work done. Thank you Redesign!

    Rich B.
    Rich B. | Yelp
  • Professional reupholstery!!  They do amazing work!  I brought them two chairs to reupholster.  Customer service was excellent and the chairs, oh the chairs, I LOVE them!!  They lined everything up perfectly!  I will come back here for all reupholstery work forever!

    Lea G
    Lea G. | Yelp
  • Reupholstered my patio furniture with Sunbrella fabric.  I got one other quote when searching for companies and it was almost 50% more.  Ellie was super helpful from the beginning.  They also finished the item before their anticipated time, amazing!  From start to finish, Redesign was phenomenal.  Thank you!  Highly recommended


    Candice F.
    Candice F. | Yelp

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