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Medical Upholstery in Las Vegas

Excellent Medical Upholstery in Las Vegas | Our Reupholstery Services Make Waiting a Pleasure.

You want to show your patients the very best care from the moment they enter your office. Their mood in the waiting room can do a lot to determine their comfort level during examinations and procedures. Furthermore, the attention to detail in your office can create an assumption about every other aspect of the care you offer. Avoid worn-down chairs and cracked upholstery with our long-lasting reupholstery treatments utilizing the very best techniques and quality of fabric. It’s the perfect way to ensure that your waiting room atmosphere is just as excellent as your healthcare.

  • Waiting Room Chairs and Sofas
  • Spa Furniture and Materials
  • Exam Chairs
  • Cushion Replacement
  • Exam Tables
  • Antibacterial Materials Available
  • Benches
  • Office Furniture
  • Perfect Medical Upholstery in Las Vegas | Make Cleanup Easier.

    Medical furniture gets a lot of wear and tear. When cleanliness is of the utmost importance, you need medical upholstery fabric and materials that will hold up. We have a wide range of antibacterial and easy-clean options that will look great and last for years to come.

  • We Know Our Way Around
    Your Exam Furniture.

    Not every upholstery company knows exactly how to disassemble complicated examination furniture. The mechanisms that allow you to raise, lower, recline, and more are expensive and detailed. We have the experience and tools to disassemble to make maintenance easier, faster, and safer.

Our Redesign Services.



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We’re known for our trademark Reupholstery services. We offer meticulous, long-lasting work that will dazzle and delight, whether you need to change the fabric of a couch or touch up the booths at your restaurant.
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Roller Shades

Combi roller shades
Our Combi Roller Shades are perfect for both residential and commercial applications, we have got you covered. The shades offer a sleek and modern solution for managing sunlight and creating privacy while adding an element of sophistication to any room or office space.
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Custom Furniture

We craft one-of-a-kind furniture to fit tricky spaces and unique design aesthetics. From plush circular benches to elongated chaises, we design, manufacture, and install custom furniture pieces that finish your look with a unique touch.
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